"Biological Cell" can be regarded as a "Micro-Chemical Factory". A variety of "Biomolecules" and "Subcellular Organelles" exist inside the cell. The subcellular organelles are know to play important roles to maintain the cellular homeostasis, such as information control (Nucleus), material production (ER membrane), quality control (Golgi apparatus), energy production (Mitochondrial Membrane), etc. The production of materials and energy is efficiently carried out through well-organized network among the above molecules and self-assembled structures. Our goal is to create an "environment-friendly" chemical process, inspired by the strategy of "BioSystem". We have already clarified the significant role of "the biomembranes". The biomembrane has some roles as not only "1. Physical Barrier", but also "2. Integrating Platform" of various molecules, "3. Function Regulation" for one-pot conversion, and "4. Co-Recognition/Conversion Platform". We use "liposome" to model the characteristics of the biomembranes (the above 1-4). The liposome is a suitable nano material to understand and utilize the behaviors of elemental biomolecules, such as ligand, amino acid, peptide, nucleic acid etc. By using the liposome as a core material, we are challenging the design and development of novel (i) Bio-catalyst, (ii) Biomaterial, and (iii) Bioprocess for the next chemical engineering !!


2012/04/04 Japan-India Biomedical Workshop
2012/04/04 ICSST 2011 (Korea)
2012/04/04 ## Start ## Bio-Inspired Chemical Engineering Lab.
2011/07/01 [New] Colloid Surface B!(DDA)
2011/07/01 [New] Nucleic Acid Research ! (BM Interf.)

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