The biomembrane is one of the important molecular assemblies that contribute in an essential way to the functioning of organelles and of biological cells at large. A systematic study of the "Membranome" - in addition to the genome and proteome - is expected to be achieved in the 21st century with considerable potential for biomedicine, bioengineering and biomaterials development. Intensifying studies on the various aspects of biomembranes with the help of biomembrane mimics hopefully leads (a) to a better understanding of the mechanism responsible for biomembrane-related diseases and (b) to applications in the field of biomimeticmaterials and bioprocesses.
"Membranome" is a term used for a newly proposed research field, where a variety of potentials of biomembranes and the strategy for possible applications of biomembranes are investigated and systematically classified. (i) Scientific aspect: Elucidation of a "complex biological phenomena" by linking it with different view points on the genome and the proteome. (ii) Engineering aspect: The most efficient strategy in biological systems shall be utilized for the design and development of biomaterials and bioprocesses, a research area called "Membrane Stress Biotechnology".

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