Welcome to Membranomics (MSB8) !

Welcome to Membranomics:
Engineering Science of Biomembrane and Its Mimics
(Int’l Symp. on Membrane Stress Biotechnology) (MSB8)

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Schedule :
2010.9.22nd (Wed) Registration; Half-day Session; Welcome Dinner
2010.9.23rd (Thu) Full-day Sessions; Banquet

Venue :
Gingko-Hall (Icho Kaikan), Suita Campus, Osaka University

The symposium will be organized by the Research Group of Membrane Stress Biotechnology (Chair: R. Kuboi, Vice-Chair: T. Tsuchido, Secretariat: H. Umakoshi), the Research Group of Engineering Science of Liposome (Co-Chairs: R. Kuboi / P. Walde), and Sigma Multi-disciplinary Research Laboratory (SMRL, Grad. Sch. of Eng. Sci., Osaka Univ.) “Membranomics” (Leader: H. Umakoshi).

Session :
Invited Presentation, General Presentation (Oral / Poster (Short Presentation))

Topics: Contributions of General Researchers are also welcome !! They will be allotted to suitable session by organizing committee.
– (A) X-omes and Membranome
        (Genome, Proteome, Lipidome, Metabolom, Membrane Proteome, Membranome, etc.)
– (B) Membrane Stress Response Dynamics
        (Biomembrane, Biomimetic Membrane, Vecicle, Microdomain, Dynamic Analysis/Observation, etc)
– (C) Supravesicular Chemistry
        (Membrane Fusion, DDS, Intracellular Organelles, Eukaryotic Cell, Differentiation, Membrane Chip, etc.)
– (D) Membrane Process Chemistry
        (Process Chemistry, Industrial Seeds, m-Reactor, Device/Material, Interface, Catalysis, LIPOzyme, etc.)
– (E) Others

Registration Fees: 5,000 yen (Academic), 10,000 yen (Industry), 1,000 yen (Student)

Important Day for Abstract Submission and Registration: 


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     H. Umakoshi (TEL&FAX: +81-(0)6-6850-6287, E-mail: MSB@cheng.es.osaka-u.ac.jp

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